Who we are

Schoolab is a lab for innovative education programs located in Paris, at the very heart of the French entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our objective is to facilitate the emergence of innovators and entrepreneurs, while developing the key skills of the 21st century. To do this, Schoolab has programs targeting both students and companies. The values at the core of Schoolab are 3 M : Mixity of participants, a Multi-diciplinary approach, and Methods. Over the past 13 years, in 5 countries, programs powered by Schoolab have conceived 350 innovative products or services, accelerated 300 start-ups and created a community of 3,500 alumni. 


Schoolab aims to train young innovators and entrepreneurs, while teaching what is not common in traditional French classrooms : creativity, ability to work in uncertain environments, to launch projects with persons from different backgrounds and disciplines, to take risks, to experiment, to best learn from and build upon failure. Schoolab aims to become the place to be of student innovation and entrepreneurship.

Schoolab has launched ground-breaking education and acceleration programs. They enable multidisciplinary teams of students to work on innovation projects for companies, or on their own start up projects, in France and abroad.

UC Berkeley is one of the world’s leading universities with elite engineering programs and a strong focus on innovation and business : it is the 3rd American university which trained the highest number of successful entrepreneurs. The Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology of UC Berkeley equips engineers and scientists with the skills to innovate, productize, and commercialize technology in the global economy. It has developed its own method to teach entrepreneurship, based on Inductive learning, self-learning and gamification. Since the outset, more than 1000 students have been trained.


The Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship is based on a decade of experience at the UC Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET) in combination with learnings from our Global Venture Lab network of universities.  This network of top universities from around the globe, collaborates in sharing and honing best practices to foster innovation and entrepreneurship to create successful new ventures. Through this exchange of ideas and experience CET has further developed its unique entrepreneurship pedagogy leveraging three interconnected layers – strategy & tactics, mindset & culture, and new venture infrastructure. A seminal aspect of the BMofE is the use of a game-based learning approach to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and social behaviours needed to develop successful new ventures.  The upcoming Bootcamp  weaves exercises/games, real-life advice/experiences and a competition-based journey into its agenda facilitating extensive learning, successful new venture creation and a one-of-a-kind experience here in the heart of Silicon Valley.  You can read more about this approach in a recent blog, by CET’s founder and Academic Director, Professor Ikhlaq Sidhu


ESSEC Business School, Centrale Paris, and Strate College of Design are historical partners of SchooLab, and part of their Board of Directors. 

Students from ESSEC Business School, NEOMA Business School, and Science Po can validate some University credits with Le Bridge.