A program for Students.

Yes we believe that being a student is probably the best time to launch your first startup. Zuck, Bill Gates, Serguei and Larry, they all did it before you. Yes, if you are not in a top-tier university, it is also open to you. Because failing is a real asset to learn and become a great entrepreneur. We want the most motivated, talented people, the most hungry students to rock their startup. Not only to rock math equation or essays.

Unfair Advantages Toolkit

 No blabla here, just the state-of-the-art real methods that you will learn and apply on the spot on your own venture.



You will attend practical courses dealing innovation and entrepreneurship : Lean Startup, a Design Thinking simulation seminar made by ideo, Open innovation, quick prototyping, human capital management, how to deal with investors, Mobile Entrepreneurship, Big Data Entrepreneurship…

Detailed curriculum

Unfair Access to (great and inspiring) people 

you will have unique opportunities to meet with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the Silicon Valley and Europe (e.g.: Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square), Venture Capitalists or Business Angels

2 x 4 months to change your life.

You will start with 4 months in UC Berkeley, from August to December  in the track of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Back to France, you will be in the hottest place to create, innovate and launch your startup: 4-months of mentoring to accelerate your startup at Schoolab, from February to June. Dedicated sessions will help you improve your venture, prototype it, test it, and scale it. You will develop your own network within the dynamic French startup ecosystem.



Have fun

We are convinced that you need to have fun everyday to enhance your entrepreneurial journey. Be ready to play games, to face the most innovative approach, to be surprised, to discover and to be inspired.
We have designed this for you.

Diversity is an asset

LeBridge Entrepreneurship targets students from all disciplines and backgrounds (engineering, business, design, medicine, journalism, communication, political sciences etc.) interested in innovation and startup creation. Being different will bring more creativity and we love that. Yes it includes bringing boys and girls from different nationalities

No idea needed

You don’t need to already have an idea of business to apply to LeBridge Entrepreneurship. The practical courses at Berkeley, meetings with entrepreneurs, interactions with other students and start-upers of the Silicon Valley will give you plenty of ideas anyway!


LeBridge Entrepreneurship Program starts mid-august by 4 months at Berkeley
and then 4 month mentoring to accelerate at SchooLab start-up accelerator