« An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. »
Benjamin Franklin



Le Bridge program cost 20 000€. This fee includes: 

– UC Berkeley tuition fees 

– Acceleration & Incubation program at Schoolab 

This cost does not cover any living expenses. 



For LE BRIDGE students become successful entrepreneurs, Schoolab is always looking for ways to help you finance your future. 


Schoolab partners up with SPARKLEE, a start-up helping students become entrepreneurs! 

  1. For students who have already taken out a loan to pay for their graduate and post-graduate degrees, Sparklee offers to buy back these loans at the low rate of 0.9% with a deferred payment of 2 years.
  1. In addition, Sparklee offers loans to finance Le Bridge Program (rate of 0.9% and deferred payment of 2 years), with no administrative costs and other advantages. 

If you decide to take out a loan with Sparklee, Le Bridge team will put you directly in contact so you can get your personal plan in a very rapid time.