When does the program start and end up ?

The program (classes + incubation) starts in mid-August 2019  and ends on September 30th, 2020
Mid-August – mid-December : entrepreneurship coursework at Berkeley
January – October, 1st : mentorship and acceleration at Schoolab

What is the deadline for applications ?

We have several closing dates for applications: October 30th, December 3rd, January 7th, February 18th. Answers will be given 15 days after those dates.

How much does it cost ?

The 13-months program (UC Berkeley track & Incubation) costs 20 000 euros visa included. Please note that SEVIS fees (required to obtain the J-1 visa), travel, insurance and accommodation expenses are not covered.

As a future entrepreneur, feel free to crowdfund your program ! 

Will I get a diploma from UC Berkeley ?

You’ll get a graduation ceremony to get your certificate from UC Berkeley at the end of the first 4 months. With some of our partner schools, it is possible to validate a part of your coursework from your home university.


Who can participate to Le Bridge ?

We believe that multidisciplinarity is a great catalyzer for innovation and entrepreneurship. This is the reason why Le Bridge Entrepreneurship is aimed at students and young graduates from all disciplines and backgrounds as long as they are passionate and motivated.

I need to be back to University in September 2020, can I finish the program earlier?

The first part of the program (track of Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley) is compulsory (August – December 2019). The second part (incubation) takes place in San Fransisco or in Paris, and is not compulsory. It ends end of September but you can choose to go to classes at the same time (our alumni did it). 

Do I need to have a startup project or idea to apply ?

You don’t need to have an idea of business to apply to LeBridge Entrepreneurship. The practical courses at Berkeley, meetings with entrepreneurs, interactions with other students and start-upers of the Silicon Valley will give you plenty of ideas anyway.

How can I apply or get more info ?

You can fill out the form on the Apply page or directly write to this address