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The only program in Europe between the Silicon Valley and Paris

Many talk about entrepreneurship in France, quoting the best principles, trying to explain the best methods, without sometimes mentioning what it is really about. How about living it for real? Not only in books, in videos, in master classes or in any other conferences. But being in there yourself. Live 4 full months in Berkeley, from August to December and learn everything you need to know to find your idea, test your concept, find your perfect co-founders and VCs. And back to France, spend 4 other months, from February to June, in the hottest place to create, the Schoolab in Paris, to innovate and accelerate your startup. 

Welcome to LeBridge Entrepreneurship Program.

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The economy is changing at an accelerated pace. Today more than ever, there is a need for innovators, entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs. Innovators are the ones able to understand, identify and anticipate the needs of their peers, capable of generating new ideas, and willing to test them, improve them, until they find a product that really brings value.

“ If the industrial era emphasized the values of rigid discipline and hard work, the top-down flow of authority, the importance of financial capital, the workings of the marketplace and private property relation, the collaborative era is more about creative play, peer-to-peer interactivity, social capital, participation in open commons and access to global networks ”

– Jeremy Rifkin, American economist –


For 10 years, Schoolab has been training more than 1000 students from 30 different nationalities and conceiving more than 150 innovative products and services on behalf of 65 companies.

UC Berkeley is one of the world’s leading universities with elite engineering programs and a strong focus on innovation and business. It is the 3rd American university, which trained the highest number of successful entrepreneurs.

Together we created common innovation and entrepreneurship programs that link Paris and the Silicon Valley. We believe that both ecosystems have a lot to learn from one another.

Paris brings its French touch: its intellectual background, the quality of its higher education system, its acute reasoning, its unique subtitly reflected in the French arts and language.

The Silicon Valley brings its American touch: its unique entrepreneurial spirit, its expertise in technologies, its variety of nationalities, its capacity to take risks and innovate from scratch.